Wanted: girls who like to get naked so that I can make some art. If you’re up for this, talk to me. Please be over 18.


Experienced models and first-timers are equally welcome. Shoots mostly take place in central Amsterdam. You can bring a well-behaved friend. Or a second girl, for a duo shoot.

The faceless nude is an artistic theme that offers practical advantages to some models. If you’d like to get into nude modelling but you don’t want to be recognised (or if you want to try some stuff this time that’s more explicit than you’re used to) we can do an anonymous shoot, using your hair, a blindfold, a mask or something else to cover your face during the shoot.

Nude models get paid in cash or, if they prefer, exhibition quality prints. All models can use the images published on this website for their own online portfolios, too. Here’s the model release that I ask models to sign.  
Rope (bondage, shibari 縛り, kinbaku-bi 緊縛美) has become a major theme for me. Two art forms merge: tying up the girl is part of the creative process no less than composing and developing the photographs is. And the model, even though she can’t move freely, is far from passive — her state of mind is what ultimately defines the shoot.

When it all comes together, we see surrender and submission, but also raw female power, courage, invincible elegance. Shibari is both erotic and serene, dream-like. And the visual language of rope on skin is very, very rich.

If you want to be tied up and photographed, you’re doubly invited to get in touch. We’ll take our time to talk about conditions and limits. Rope shoots can be ‘faceless’, too.


Exciting but scary? If you need references from girls who have done shoots with me before, just ask.