Arianna during her first rope shoot

I tie up girls and photograph them. Why? Art needs no reasons, but to me, it’s about the power of surrender, about beauty in humiliation, about dignity in indignity. And about femininity: fact or fantasy?

On a more personal level, it’s about trust.

It’s explicit like Japanese shunga and serious like surrealism. 

I admire my models, and I think it shows. Some people may feel that images of tied-up women are anti-feminist. My models disagree. ‘We own these images,’ said one of them. We are proud,’ said another. These young women express their freedom by choosing, on their own terms, to be bound with rope and shamelessly exposed. 

Rope is magic. Some girls, when they’re tied up, get so relaxed they could fall asleep. ‘It’s like therapy!’ one said. Some girls get excited. Some are just very happy the whole time. They all come back for more.

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All photographs by H. Baasch 2014-2018, published under a legally binding Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Please don’t steal.

Models are over 18 years of age and were only slightly harmed in the making of these images 😉

I use a 1970 Leica M4 for film photography, and a Leica X Vario, mainly, for digital. 

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