Quinn, 2018

I tie up naked and half-naked girls, photograph them using a vintage Leica rangefinder, make prints in the darkroom, and call it art. 

There is no better way to reveal a young woman’s beauty than through rope and discipline. If that’s hard to accept morally or politically, I can’t help you. Art has to be about beauty.

Rope is magic. Some girls, when they’re tied up, get so relaxed they could fall asleep. ‘It’s like therapy!’ one said. Many get turned on. For some, being bound is part of the humiliation and punishment they need. Others are just very happy the whole time and keep smiling for an hour afterwards. They all come back for more.

I’m not a shibari artist or innovator. My ties are basic. What I do with rope and discipline is simple and effective. Minimalist, no more than is needed for the girl to become like a flower. Then I take a few pictures, and that’s it.

I use a Leica M4 for film photography, and a Leica X Vario, mainly, for digital. All images on this website were shot with digital cameras. My analog photos are hand-printed in an edition of one and never scanned.

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Olinka punished, 2019

All photographs © H. Baasch 2017-2019, all rights reserved. Do not copy or republish without permission, okay? 

Models are over 18 years of age. 

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