Arianna, 2018

Some girls like to get naked and be tied up so I can make some art. If that sounds good to you too, and if you’re over 18 and living in the Netherlands or willing/planning to travel here, let’s talk about doing a shoot.

Being new to bondage shouldn’t stop you. Many of my models (like Arianna, above, and Quinn, below) were never tied up before. Somehow they all want to do rope shoots with me again. 

Please take a look at my work before contacting me, and read what it’s about. If you just want to make money, or if many of my images are too explicit/erotic/kinky/whatever for you, then we can’t work together. I need girls with a real desire to be tied up and to contribute to art of this kind being made. Is that you? Then read on.

I want you to have a good experience doing a shibari shoot with me. We will take time to talk about your personal limits, and you will sign a detailed consent form on which you’ll cross out the things you don’t want. All my shoots are bondage shoots, and all my shoots are ‘x-rated’, but things like discipline/spanking and masturbation can be skipped if you’re not ready (though this means you get only half the experience). If you wish to keep your identity hidden, we can use a blindfold or do only body shots.

Professional models get paid. 

If you want to talk to a few girls who have done shoots with me, that can be arranged. You can bring a friend to the shoot if this makes you feel safe. And if you want to come and meet me first, before deciding if you want to do a shoot, we’ll set it up. 

Ready to go? Or do you have questions?  Say hello

Quinn, 2018

If you modelled for me and can’t find (some of) your pictures on this website anymore, let me know and I’ll send you a direct link and password, or the images themselves. If, in the past, you posed for me without a contract, and you want your images removed, just say so and they’ll be gone.

Fellow photographers: if you’re interested in one of my models, feel free to contact me, but keep in mind that not all of these girls do bondage, spanking and other explicit stuff, and some of them do so only with lucky me.