Lucky for me, some girls (such as Quinn, above) like to get naked and be tied up so I can make some art. If that sounds good to you too, and if you’re over 18, read on (yes, the whole thing, please).

Shoots usually take place in Amsterdam. I work with models at all levels of experience, from absolute beginners to international professionals.

Nowadays I do shibari (rope bondage) shoots exclusively, and I’m only looking for models who have a genuine desire to be tied up. Nearly all of my bondage models did their first rope shoot with me. They usually come back for more.

Shibari is not for everybody. Being tied up and exposed like that is intense, but once you surrender to it, models tell me, it’s somehow also deeply relaxing. I admire the girls I work with. And I make them suffer a bit. If you realise that this is not necessarily a contradiction, shibari may be for you. 

You’ll find references from other models here. If you need more, just ask. You can bring a friend to the shoot so you will feel safe. We can also work at a suitable location of your own choosing.

Some of my work is ‘explicit’, showing every inch of a model’s body. I don’t like having to self-censor my photographs, and shameless/shameful exposure is part of what shibari is about. However, if I really like your looks and you want to do shibari, but not x-rated shibari, we can discuss your limits.

If on the other hand you’re okay with making x-rated art, but not with being easily recognised, we could do a shoot in which you are blindfolded or anonymized in some other way.

Most models are paid a fee, but if making money is the only reason you’re modelling, I have no interest in working with you — sorry. Some girls prefer compensation in the form of a few high quality prints or a series of ‘vanilla’ pictures for their online portfolios. 

Here’s the agreement all models (and me) sign, and here’s an additional page covering the shibari-related aspects. It’s a good idea to read both of these before you contact me

If you modelled for me in the past and can’t find (some of) your pictures on this website anymore, let me know and I’ll send you a direct link and password, or the images themselves.