This website contains images of young women choosing, on their own terms, to be bound with rope, often also disciplined, and shamelessly exposed. It’s not for everyone. If you are underage or if you don’t want to view this type of art, don’t scroll down.

What I do with rope and discipline is simple and effective, just what is needed for the girl to become like a flower. Then I take a few pictures, and that’s it. 

This is a small sample of my digital photos. I never scan my analog prints or negatives, so you won’t see those here. 

Quinn tied up and exposed

Anouk tied up, punished and exposed

Clem tied up 

Mia tied up

Irina tied up and exposed

I like shooting with new girls. Prior experience with modelling or bondage is not needed. A shoot with me nowadays is like an 8 hour obedience training session plus lights and cameras. I’ll explain when you contact me (over 18 only). References from other girls are available. Professional models get paid. All models sign a detailed consent form.