Quinn 2018

Models’ questions answered

  1. What should I expect when doing a shoot with you?
  2. All my shoots are x-rated rope shoots. This means you’ll be tied up most of the time and that every part of your body may be visible in the resulting images, including your intimate parts, sometimes in close-up. I usually also expect models to masturbate at my request. My best shoots include discipline, which means that the model accepts being spanked, played with, and dominated by me, and that she is basically willing to do as I say for the duration of the shoot. There is a limit: I don’t take my pants off. Of course, before we decide to do a shoot together, we will discuss everything in detail, and if there are things that you really don’t want, those things won’t happen. You can cross them out on the consent form that you’ll sign before we start, and during the shoot you can always use your safeword if what’s happening is too much for you. I want you to look back on our shoot with a smile.
  3. Is it safe?
    Bondage, like most sports, can never be 100 percent safe, but I will take good care of you. My ties are simple, without complicated suspensions or other more risky stuff. If you want to know if I am safe to work with as a person, you can ask some of the girls who did shoots with me before. I’ll be happy to give you their contact details.
  4. What if I don’t want to masturbate or be spanked and so on?
  5. We’ll talk about it and hopefully reach a compromise! If I really want to work with you, there’s usually a solution.
  6. How do anonymous shoots work?
    If you want to do a shoot with me, but keep your identity hidden, we can use a blindold or shoot from certain angles only and do body close-ups. Of course there are no guarantees that you won’t still be recognised by someone who knows your body (or your tattoos) very well. 
  7. Do all models get paid? 
    Professional models get paid, others receive a unique hand-made print, signed on the back, or a few extra (digital) photos for use in their portfolios. All models, paid and unpaid, have to sign the model release and consent form.
  8. Can I see this model release and consent form?
    I will send you a copy by email if you ask 
  9. Do you have sex with your models? Do you want to?
  10. No, and no. 
  11. Can I bring someone to the shoot?
    If that helps, sure, but this someone can’t interfere with the shoot at all. So please don’t bring a potentially jealous lover... 
  12. Can I use your photos on my portfolio/instagram/etcetera?
    I will prepare a set of digital images carrying a small ©BAASCH.nl watermark, and you can use those online. You can’t sell them or edit them (apart from skillfully reducing the size).

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