There is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful young woman. And there is no better way to reveal a young woman’s beauty than through rope and discipline. Tie her up, instruct her, praise her and punish her: she will become like a flower. Take a picture to pick the flower.

+1? For some years I did these shoots by myself. Now my wife has joined me, shooting her own images while also assisting me on the rope and discipline side of things. At present, the photos on this web site are still only mine, but hers will be added in due time. We are planning an exhibition: photographs of girls tied up, chastised and exposed, seen from both a male and a female perspective. Side by side. 

If you’re curious about doing a shoot with us, we’d love to hear from you. Keep in mind that what we do is not roleplay: for a few hours or, if you’re up for that, for a whole day or even longer, you will follow our instructions, get spanked and whipped to tears, and learn valuable lessons. Your life will never be the same. You do get a safeword, but so far no-one ever used it. We’ll talk about limits and conditions, and you’ll sign a detailed consent form. Your personal limits will be respected 100 percent: we are into discipline, not abuse, and we want you to feel empowered and proudly feminine when it’s over.

Professional models get paid for their time. If you’re not a professional model, the experience will be your reward (plus we’ll probably give you some prints). You can bring a well-behaved female friend to the shoot if that will help you to feel safe. Anonymous shoots (your face remaining hidden) are possible, but we prefer to show absolutely everything.

Interested? Scared but intrigued? Questions? Can’t wait to try this? Contact us

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All content © Baasch + 1. Do not copy or deep-link our art. Models are > 18 and they obviously consented to everything. Thank you Anouk, Olinka, Natalia, Arianna, Quinn, Clem, Irina, Vika, Aria, Deena, Jude, Diana, Dovile, Camila, Mia, Ilaria, Khiara, Cleo, Laura and Hendrikje, you’re wonderful!


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