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a little humiliation may set you straight

I do photo shoots with young women who are brave enough to let me tie them up and punish them even though they really are ‘good girls’.

A few years ago most of them were paid models, many doing their first bondage shoot with me. I’m happy to say that they all came back for more.  

Today when a girl agrees to submit to me, for a few hours or a few days, it’s because she knows that’s exactly what she needs. Maybe she has been there before. Or maybe she’s had fantasies of being put in her place by an older man and learning to obey him, and now she’s curious to experience this for real. I can fulfil that need. I’ll give her rope, a sore ass, scoldings, cock sometimes, and pictures that she can use however she wants.  

Some girls, if they do modelling for a living, also get paid, but that would be the only difference. They’re all good girls, or I wouldn’t see them. And open-minded, awesome girls, or they wouldn’t come.

The Hague, Netherlands

Are you a young woman with our without modelling experience?
Do you feel a connection to the images you see here?
And are you up for a real challenge?
Then say hi.

Feel free to ask for references from other girls
Kan allemaal ook in het Nederlands natuurlijk

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Consent is key. Not all girls are good girls, willing to submit. So ask, never assume, young grasshopper!